Night Lake

Lake Biwa by Koho Shoda

The second I saw the print I fell in love with it and decided to steal the sumptuous color palette.  I had never thought of or used this striking color combination before – a deep blue-green splashed with blacks and dark grays with brilliant dashes of red-orange and gold. Much darker than the colors I usually gravitated to in photographs and paintings, it was a night scene at Lake Biwa by Japanese artist, Koho Shoda.


Green Sea by Pat Alexander

Up till then I had been working on a series of digital geometric abstracts: taking my photographs and experimenting with tons of digital filters to transform them into pure abstracts with a geometric feel.

Now with no photograph to start out with, I decided to create an image in the computer from start to finish. First, I drew a loose flowing design and filled it in with a close approximation of Shoda’s lovely blue-green and black graduated tones. Next came some dabs of digital yellow and radiant red-orange paint. (You can tell I love red-orange from my enthusiastic daubs of that color which were far more numerous than Shoda’s more delicate approach.

For added depth, I sprayed on some pure black, then patches of white for contrast and to inject more life into the blue-green.

Next we were ready for digital filters to explore the abstract possibilities. This takes a lot of trial and error to weed out many not-so-strong-compositions till finally – Yay! – a unique positive result (“Green Sea”) pops up.

So thank you Koho Shoda for your beautiful colors and your inspiration to try a new and different path.


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