Tiffany Christmas decorations

Passing Tiffany on Fifth Avenue, I did a quick double take. What the heck was THAT? Known for their ultra conservative taste, Tiffany has always  limited their Christmas decorations to charming, diminutive vignettes tucked into their shoe box size windows (my this year’s favorite, bottom photo). Now suddenly here was our super tasteful Grande Dame of midtown Manhattan covered from roof to street on BOTH sides of their building in showers of glittery gems (middle photo).

The shimmering design, with its scalloped top and long diamond-like strands ending in feathery loops, suggested overtones from the twenties and thirties. At the base, oval medallions of graceful, sparkling curves radiating from golden centers, a la their famous yellow diamond, reminded me of femme fatal tiaras (top  photo).

 Tiffany Christmas decorations

Tiffany Christmas window

So at last Tiffany has joined the big gun, Fifth Avenue jewelry stores that treat their entire facades like Christmas canvases, the better to stimulate dreams of radiant jewels lying in wait beneath twinkling Christmas trees.


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