sunlight, curtains, pillow

Christmas in southern Virginia means warmer temps, bigger views of the sky, cozy chats with strangers and sunlight pouring into the house all day. Back in New York my windows have northern exposures, meaning only reflected sun rays make it into my apartment and then only for a few brief moments a day.

So in Virginia when I saw these exciting, sunlight patterns splashed all over the curtains, blinds and bed I grabbed my camera. I loved the warmth of the scene, the dynamic multi-diagonal light patterns and the play of textures. But it needed a little something more, some distinctive element to take it out of the ordinary. With the light and dancing forms changing by the second, there was little time for experimenting or trying this or that to strengthen the composition. This time however I got lucky. The first thing I tried — taking the curtain and folding it around the brass bed post — worked. Nicely Breaking up the vertical lines of the curtains, it also introduced a soft, sensual feeling into the design. AND piled on even more diagonal shapes. But in this case making it the more the merrier.

Do you have favorite lighting situations for taking photographs?


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