man in goldCentral Park is rich with wonderful things to photograph and at the top of the list are some  unconventional street performers. Although I guess you’d call them park performers. You never know which days you’ll find them or where or what their newest schtick is. They adjust their personas and performances according to the size of their audiences and moolah collections.

The performer here, standing motionless (not an easy thing to do for hours) and speechless, wears gold glitter and sequins from head to toe. He also has a matching outfit all in silver. Or it could be that there are two separate performers – one who wears gold and one who favors silver. While the costume are different, the purpose is the same. To attract park visitors with their drop-dead get-ups. People adore having their photographs taken in novel circumstances and they gladly plunk a dollar into his bucket for the privilege of wrapping an arm around his sparkling shoulders while a friend snaps a pic for the folks back home.

Man in gold

On the day I caught him, Gold Man had planted himself in a new spot. From above, he and the pavement circles made a pleasing composition.

The results on my screen, however, (un-retouched above left) were a little mushy. With all that red, his gold outfit melted into the brick red background.

When I inverted all the colors in Photoshop changing the background to blue-green (middle photo), his outfit turned light blue — so I had the same problem with him again melting into the background.

The solution? Keep the inverted contrasting background colors of blue and green with the original gold outfit color for a dynamic contrast.

Or do you prefer the original, more subdued color palette?


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