Skyscraper reflection

With so many dynamic building juxtapositions, striking shapes and compelling angles, midtown Manhattan is my Mecca for photographing architectural geometrics. Here are some reasons I like photographing these graphic slices of architecture above the streets:

  • Purely geometric compositions don’t move.  There’s no need for focusing and refocusing every second when a building or a window or a roof zips to the left or right.
  • Geometric graphics don’t talk back. Or interrupt. Or throw off your concentration. Or break the mood. Or disrupt the photographic flow in all the many ways talking human subjects can.

Sony Xmas Lights

Skyscrapers NYC

  • A collection of strong graphic shapes often has more than one optimum capture point.  Multiple geometric shapes can be reframed and zoomed in and out, producing various, equally strong compositions.
  • No one can photo bomb your scene when you’re shooting above their heads. Except birds maybe — and they’re often a welcome addition to a photo. Shooting that high also means no one’s up there to move to a discordant position and mess up the composition’s balance.

There’s something serene, yet monumental, about photographing the city’s architectural geometrics high above the crowds. The power of the visions that created these edifices along with their scale and beauty can take your breath away.


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