Figures in clouds

On the night before Halloween, I happily spilled all the beans about me and my photographic art work in an interview conducted by Lisa Gray published on Palette Pages.

In describing my images Lisa wrote “What we love about the artwork Pat creates is her ability to be diverse whilst maintaining her style and originality — beautiful work that combines traditional photography with art, mixing her passion and the beauty of everyday situations with a sense of the surreal.” I had never connected the word “surreal” with my work, yet I think Lisa rightfully spotted a thread of that in my vision.

Lisa added, ”Abstractions, evocative photographs, and the serenity of flowers are all part of Pat’s wonderful portfolio of art, work that is imaginative and captures the essence of mood.”

Abstract digital painting

Display windows

In her interview, Lisa managed to tie together a portfolio covering many years, many subjects, many different roads taken and many compulsions, along with my love for photography and art and fusing them together.

Three of the featured images include: Top – Introspection, Middle –  Cubist Summer, Bottom – Botticelli at 57th.


A Potpourri of Images: