Large Blue Bubble


This giant bubble journey from Central Park to my camera, to my computer, to my photo art site had some tricky moments. The first was locating my mysterious bubble creators among the flocks of park visitors. They had no specific schedules nor set spots to work their magic for enthralled kids of all ages. Some days I’d hang around waiting  – and nothing – no bubble makers. Other times their performances presented challenges: rambunctious kids who popped  bubbles before fully formed or too much wind that burst bubbles in the making or bad-mannered picture takers who moved in too close and blocked the show from others. And all this would be happening while the bubble makers glided here and there, working with the wind, always moving, always shifting in the viewfinder, sometimes sliding completely out of it. For those many wasted shots, I’m grateful digital photography has replaced far more expensive film of the past.

Big bubble Central Park

Circle bubble and patterns

Another not-so-hot aspect was the unexpected appearance of a new bubble making gadget wielded by one of my favorite creatives. Delighted to have him suddenly appear late one Sunday afternoon, I was considerably less pleased to see him dip an odd-looking, multi-roped contraption into his sudsy bucket and fire off a machine gun of tiny, no-account bubbles into the breeze. Oh no! Was this tepid little performance going to replace his giant masterpieces? Thank goodness, no. But my interest was less than enthusiastic every time he fiddled with his ho-hum blasts of itsy-bitsy bubbles.

Once on the computer screen, my colossal bubbles demanded center stage in a big way. So it seemed natural to subjugate colors and scenes surrounding them. For me, imaging software is my dynamic darkroom – a place to experiment, have fun and bring out the best in each image.

My Bodacious Bubble Project continues. Stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s 5 more: