So far I’ve published about 90 Images on Twitter in six categories I feature on my photo art site: Color Collages, Black and White Collages, Bodacious Bubbles, New York Images, Flowers and Abstracts. Interestingly, the overall category that gets retweeted and favorited most often is the Abstract one. While these abstracts started out as straight photographs they all ended up as pure abstract images thanks to my having a lot of fun with software filters.


Tulips Do the Dip

I’m always curious to see which of my images appeal to others and which don’t. Most often I agree, but sometimes I don’t. At all. Could I have predicted the image that came in number one with the most retweets and favorites of all my photographs on Twitter? No. It was “Tulips Do the Dip”, a photograph of doomed tulips, part of a batch I photographed during a Spring rain. Though beautifully colored, these tulips were well past their prime. Heavy with rain, their petals and stems curved in graceful downward patterns that were very exciting to photograph. I loved them and apparently Twitter people did too, because the photo garnered by far my biggest number of tweets and favorites.


Cubist Summer

The image that Twitter followers liked second best was “Cubist Summer.” Of the 12 abstracts on my site, this one is probably the softest in feeling, the most painterly. It’s also the one that I took the farthest beyond manipulative graphic filters, the one that I contributed most to with my own hand.



Keeping things balanced, Twitter’s third favorite was a digitally created color collage, “Introspection.”  I see the two ethereal subjects on the right as beautifully shaped heads, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if a fair amount of viewers saw them instead as mannequin baldies. Apparently, however, Twitter followers saw what I saw.

In the end Twitter was visually pretty much on the ball.


Other Images Among the Most Popular with Twitter Followers: