LaGuardia airfield reflected lights

With over an hour to kill before my plane took off from LaGuardia, I strolled around the airport gates to check out the air fields and see if there was anything interesting to shoot. In the harsh early afternoon light, never my favorite time to take photographs, the few distant planes parked outside were distinctly mundane. But hold on – what was this? Brilliant rectangles of light in tight formation suddenly hovered over the airfield. Startled, I peered closer. Resembling square flying saucers, they turned out to be reflections from the airport’s interior lights. Now here was an image you didn’t see every day. To make the lights appear even more prominent and other-worldly, I darkened the sky to a rich blue for contrast and took some horizontal photographs.

Having found a fresh subject, I spent the rest of my wait walking from gate to gate, checking out the airport lights reflected in different windows. Some vertical shots, containing fewer lights didn’t work as well. But by metering on all that bright light in the sky, I was able to shoot at a low ASA for a welcome and rare change.

Today with everyone blitzed 24/7 by social media photos, a lot of picture snappers seem to be (whether consciously or subconsciously) photographing stuff they’ve already seen before. Shaking loose from all those images stuck in memory isn’t easy. But exploring offbeat pictorial paths is always a refreshing tonic.


Now, for something different (image wise):