Kiss rockers

Seventy-ninth Street on the preppy upper East side is not a typical type hangout for the likes of the Kiss guys and their wow theatrical make-up. But there they were in a giant poster at the Madison Avenue bus stop.

I have no idea what their music sounds like and I’m not a fan of live performances featuring mouths gushing blood, which is apparently one of their trademark stunts, but I’ve always gotten a kick out of their dramatic black and white face paint. Creative and unique, it’s instantly identifiable and from the beginning set them apart from hoards of other rock musicians.

I like the way parts of them fuse with the background. In this glossy reflection we can also see bits and pieces of the Brooklyn Bridge from their photo along with the uptown neighborhood and a nice hunk of blue sky. That reflected sky over Central Park was actually behind me.

The Kiss performer on the left fading into the apartment building adds a mysterious note. And any element of mystery is always welcome.

And what were the Kiss rockers doing there in the first place? Hawking an upscale clothes line, trying to make a buck from the uptown crowd.


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