abstract, contemporary art


Dancer, Lincoln Center, Collage

My experiment started in Photoshop with a photograph (actually a photographic collage) of a dancer and ended in Gimp software with a multi-faceted, abstract image.

Flying through a background reflected in glass on a poster, the dancer was shot at Lincoln Center. The image hums with plenty of color, action and form – good attributes, I decided, for PhotoShop filters to transform into pixelated shapes. Having since abandoned Photoshop because of its’ imperious subscription-only policy, I don’t recall precisely which of the pixel modes I chose.

Now that the image was pixelated*, I was finished with the photograph and would no longer refer to it. The new image began taking on a life all its own. Next I merged many little shapes to simplify and strengthen the overall composition. With a rhythm starting to take form, I consolidated some shapes to convey a sense of foreground and background space.

At that point all the colors looked a little too flat. So back I went to software filters to pick up some overall texture.

At the final stage so many sharp angles needed a little soft counter point. I found it in Gimp’s “Fuzzy Border” filter which I applied to the outside edge of the image.

Scattered white pixels supplied a little sparkle at the top and bottom. Exactly where in the software they came from is lost to memory – an ongoing mystery.

If you’d like to purchase a print of  ”Abstract Arabesque,” here’s the place.


* The dictionary says there’s no such word, but one of the nice things about blogging is you can make up any old word that sounds right.


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