Ballerina Central Park

On a sunny Autumn day in Central Park, there she improbably was – a beautiful ballerina pirouetting on the edge of the Lake. Her regal demeanor and tiara brought to mind the  princess in Swan Lake. Although she was dressed in black like the evil black swan princess, Odile, her sweet face put her closer to Odette, the innocent, white swan princess of the ballet.”

Our princess  even had her own swans. Or close to it.  A trio of ducks sailed over to her as she twirled and danced on the stone bricks  Or maybe they were geese.  Whatever they were they were clearly fascinated with this lively new attraction – or perhaps their interest was centered on any impending snacks about to be dispensed in their hopeful direction.

It was always fascinating what people in Central Park dreamed up to make money. I’ve seen (and loved) the guys who blow stupendous bubbles, the man – or woman (still don’t know yet) – who plays an accordion, weighed down with what looks like a very heavy unicorn head over his or her own head, the man who dresses in glittering gold from head to toe and stands motionless for hours,  a gang of acrobats who flip and somersault over unforgiving stone while their leader’s glib gab works the crowd for tips, a massage crew whose more aggressive members grab your passing arm to rope you in and  a husband and wife team who sing, play violins, dance and swirl around, their ankle bells jingling all the while.

Who knows what creative gig awaits my next park visit…


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