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Super Sparkly City Christmas

If you’re a lover of sparkle and spectacle, get yourself to New York’s Christmas window displays pronto. At Bergdorf’s, marvel at medieval knights encrusted in iridescent crystals (3rd photo from top), lions festooned with golden mane and jeweled crowns and windows with geometric cut-outs of foil flashing in bold color light-plays. For uber fantasy, however, [...]

Bergdorfs, Barneys and Fendi Do Christmas 2014

This year, like many high end New York City stores, Barneys used their entire store front for a Christmas canvas.  They decorated it with 3 D holiday tableaus in gleaming gold, carrying the gold  over to this window and illuminating it with sculptured circles in an elegant, clean design.   I’m afraid the phrase “clean [...]

Staid Old Tiffany Brings On the Christmas Bling

Passing Tiffany on Fifth Avenue, I did a quick double take. What the heck was THAT? Known for their ultra conservative taste, Tiffany has always  limited their Christmas decorations to charming, diminutive vignettes tucked into their shoe box size windows (my this year’s favorite, bottom photo). Now suddenly here was our super tasteful Grande Dame [...]

Fifth Avenue Drama Queens

In a world packed with cookie-cutter-sameness, these striking drama queens shine. Behold them in their upper Fifth Avenue windows at Bergdorf Goodman. Decked out in fantastic headgear, over–the-top feathers, fur and frippery, they exist in imaginative spaces radiating fun, originality and escape from the mundane and predictable. To me they’re very New York. As vibrant, [...]