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The Case of the Missing Calder Sculpture

Something was wrong as I approached the corner at Madison Avenue. The IBM building – their front entrance – didn’t look right. It appeared so lifeless, so…EMPTY.  Where the heck was Calder’s brilliant red sculpture? For decades Alexander Calder’s massive steel stabile has distinguished and beautified that large entrance space. The focal point of those four [...]

Is This Etruscan Head a Met Museum Fake?

On Valentine’s Day in 1961 the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced their gigantic star attraction in the Greek Roman hall since 1933, was a fake. (Below left.) New Technical analysis showed the eight foot tall Etruscan ceramic warrior, dug up in a secret location in Italy with two other massive sculptures, was strictly phony baloney. [...]

Why Doesn’t this Roman Wife Have a Face?

This ancient Roman sculpture is unusual to begin with — a sarcophagus lid with a life-size bare chested, mature man and his wife languidly reclining on the marble top. Masterful copiers of Greek art, the Romans appropriated this lounging concept in death from the Etruscans. But the really unusual part of this 220 A.D. sarcophagi [...]