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Stealing From an Artist

The second I saw the print I fell in love with it and decided to steal the sumptuous color palette.  I had never thought of or used this striking color combination before – a deep blue-green splashed with blacks and dark grays with brilliant dashes of red-orange and gold. Much darker than the colors I [...]

Before and After – A Photo Morphs into Abstract Art

The second I spotted the brilliant Caribbean colors in the store window across Fifth Avenue, my YES! antenna went off. I could do something with that! Printed on large shiny sheets, the vivid island colors were backdrops for mannequins wearing I haven’t the faintest clue what clothes, since I had eyes only for the gorgeous [...]

A Magical Geometric Journey

I’ve always loved the bold clarity of geometric images, the clean lines and  rhythmic forms, But I never attempted to create any myself because I’m far too impatient to do all that measuring and repeating of shapes over and over. My own drawings and paintings are much looser, spontaneous affairs. Very quickly into them I [...]

Can this Iffy Photograph Be Salvaged?

Every spring when cherry blossoms show their lovely faces in Central Park, mighty winds from who knows where roar down on the trees and shake the fragile blossoms like maracas. A shutter speed of at least 1/125 is needed to keep the swaying flowers in focus. And the closer you get to them,  the less [...]