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Doomed Tulips in the Rain – Beautiful

 When I finally spotted the striped pink and white beauties growing along the whole East side block, they were days past their prime. Oh no — and they were the most beautiful tulips I’d seen all season. During a break in the rain the next day I grabbed my camera  and prayed the weather gods [...]

Photographing Geometrics Above the Crowds

With so many dynamic building juxtapositions, striking shapes and compelling angles, midtown Manhattan is my Mecca for photographing architectural geometrics. Here are some reasons I like photographing these graphic slices of architecture above the streets: Purely geometric compositions don’t move.  There’s no need for focusing and refocusing every second when a building or a window [...]

Nine Colossal Bubbles Blow into Town

This giant bubble journey from Central Park to my camera, to my computer, to my photo art site had some tricky moments. The first was locating my mysterious bubble creators among the flocks of park visitors. They had no specific schedules nor set spots to work their magic for enthralled kids of all ages. Some [...]

Fifth Avenue Drama Queens

In a world packed with cookie-cutter-sameness, these striking drama queens shine. Behold them in their upper Fifth Avenue windows at Bergdorf Goodman. Decked out in fantastic headgear, over–the-top feathers, fur and frippery, they exist in imaginative spaces radiating fun, originality and escape from the mundane and predictable. To me they’re very New York. As vibrant, [...]