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Super Sparkly City Christmas

If you’re a lover of sparkle and spectacle, get yourself to New York’s Christmas window displays pronto. At Bergdorf’s, marvel at medieval knights encrusted in iridescent crystals (3rd photo from top), lions festooned with golden mane and jeweled crowns and windows with geometric cut-outs of foil flashing in bold color light-plays. For uber fantasy, however, [...]

Fall’s Fabulous Water Flowers

Summer flowers came and went and I thought: Oh no — That’s it for lovely blossoms till next Spring. Wrong. In September a gorgeous sacred lotus rose out of the waters of Bathesda Fountain in Central Park. And still more gorgeous lotuses bloomed in the double ponds at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. (Top to bottom photos: [...]

Autumn Leaf Bash in Central Park

You’re invited. Zip over to Central Park for this year’s Autumn leaf extravaganza. Walk through swirling golden leaves and check out Mother Nature’s superlative work turning trees brilliant reds, rusts and golds. Let others trek to northern mountains and quaint New England towns to photograph fall  leaves. We have Central Park and Autumn knows how [...]

My Fav Brooklyn Hangout – the Botanical Garden

Getting lost on the Brooklyn Subway is a lot like Thomas Wolfe’s story, Only the Dead Know Brooklyn. In his story when a man on the Brooklyn subway asks how to get to Bensonhurst, everyone within a mile chimes in with their own particular, sometimes peculiar directions on how to get there.   I was [...]