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A Long Way from Group f/64 Photography

Led by Ansel Adams, Group f/64 was a  collection of American photographers who produced photographs with super sharp details from front to back — no matter how far back those details were from the camera. In their quest to photograph these ultra sharp images, they lugged cumbersome studio cameras up and down landscapes of the [...]

Tulip Leaves Steal Spotlight from Tulips

  Every Spring the esplanade along upper Park Avenue blooms with block after block of tulips and bustles with photographers taking a zillion photos. Often passing the area, I have a front row seat on the tulips growth from beginning buds to their last shrunken petals fluttering to the ground. My favorite stage these days [...]

Another Autumn – Another Stab at My Gold Trees

I have a few favorite trees in the park I photograph over and over. This group is especially lovely in autumn. I have no idea what kind of trees they are, but I find their graceful, interacting curves and  sumptuous gold coloring very compelling. Their full beauty, however, is tough to capture on camera. Not [...]