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Nine Colossal Bubbles Blow into Town

This giant bubble journey from Central Park to my camera, to my computer, to my photo art site had some tricky moments. The first was locating my mysterious bubble creators among the flocks of park visitors. They had no specific schedules nor set spots to work their magic for enthralled kids of all ages. Some [...]

Energize Images with Gimp’s Map Filter

The first time I tried Gimp’s map filter it was not a success. I used it on a frontal close up of a photographic portrait and the features mushed into each other producing two overlapping mouths. Which would have been swell if I was aiming for a deformed clown look. My second try was on [...]

Experiment: Transforming a Photograph into Abstract Art

  My experiment started in Photoshop with a photograph (actually a photographic collage) of a dancer and ended in Gimp software with a multi-faceted, abstract image. Flying through a background reflected in glass on a poster, the dancer was shot at Lincoln Center. The image hums with plenty of color, action and form – good [...]

The Bubble Master

Of all the big bubble blowers in Central Park, the one above is my favorite. His bubbles are the best. The biggest, the most creative, the most fun. He has no schedule to exhibit his talents, no set days or places or times. You never know when  or exactly where he’ll appear. But late afternoon [...]