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Stealing From an Artist

The second I saw the print I fell in love with it and decided to steal the sumptuous color palette.  I had never thought of or used this striking color combination before – a deep blue-green splashed with blacks and dark grays with brilliant dashes of red-orange and gold. Much darker than the colors I [...]

A Magical Geometric Journey

I’ve always loved the bold clarity of geometric images, the clean lines and  rhythmic forms, But I never attempted to create any myself because I’m far too impatient to do all that measuring and repeating of shapes over and over. My own drawings and paintings are much looser, spontaneous affairs. Very quickly into them I [...]

Transform Photographs into Abstracts with Digital Filters

Pre-computer days I had plenty of room in my apartment to set up an easel and paint abstracts on large canvasses. But as my computer and photography gear ballooned in size (my new printer is as big — and as heavy — as a refrigerator) my painting space dwindled into a paltry patch. I’ve always [...]

Break the Rules – Ramp Up the Noise

Noise is a no-no in photography rule books. Noise (or grain) shows up when taking hand-held photographs in extreme low light. And often the cheaper the camera the harsher the noise. I agree that too much grain can look like over the top dotted mushiness. But noise can sometimes be an asset. Take this photo [...]