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Photographing Geometrics Above the Crowds

With so many dynamic building juxtapositions, striking shapes and compelling angles, midtown Manhattan is my Mecca for photographing architectural geometrics. Here are some reasons I like photographing these graphic slices of architecture above the streets: Purely geometric compositions don’t move.  There’s no need for focusing and refocusing every second when a building or a window [...]

Kiss Pops Up on Preppy East 79th Street

  Seventy-ninth Street on the preppy upper East side is not a typical type hangout for the likes of the Kiss guys and their wow theatrical make-up. But there they were in a giant poster at the Madison Avenue bus stop. I have no idea what their music sounds like and I’m not a fan [...]

New York’s Sparkling Christmas Show

  At the top, star lights glowing in the Sony atrium skylights. If you’re doing the Christmas run and checking out all the dazzling window displays in midtown, this is a good place to take a quick break. It’s on Madison and 56th Street. Middle, strawberries dipped in chocolate snapped through the Godiva front windows [...]

Experiment: Transforming a Photograph into Abstract Art

  My experiment started in Photoshop with a photograph (actually a photographic collage) of a dancer and ended in Gimp software with a multi-faceted, abstract image. Flying through a background reflected in glass on a poster, the dancer was shot at Lincoln Center. The image hums with plenty of color, action and form – good [...]