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My 3 Most Popular Images on Twitter. Why?

So far I’ve published about 90 Images on Twitter in six categories I feature on my photo art site: Color Collages, Black and White Collages, Bodacious Bubbles, New York Images, Flowers and Abstracts. Interestingly, the overall category that gets retweeted and favorited most often is the Abstract one. While these abstracts started out as straight [...]

Pat Alexander Spills the Beans in Palette Page Interview

On the night before Halloween, I happily spilled all the beans about me and my photographic art work in an interview conducted by Lisa Gray published on Palette Pages. In describing my images Lisa wrote “What we love about the artwork Pat creates is her ability to be diverse whilst maintaining her style and originality [...]

Is This Etruscan Head a Met Museum Fake?

On Valentine’s Day in 1961 the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced their gigantic star attraction in the Greek Roman hall since 1933, was a fake. (Below left.) New Technical analysis showed the eight foot tall Etruscan ceramic warrior, dug up in a secret location in Italy with two other massive sculptures, was strictly phony baloney. [...]

Buttons Glued to a Face, Hubble and a Violin

Scattered among the pink and white buttons glued around her eyes, the performer also pasted sequins, plastic hearts and lollipops. And on an earlier occasion, she decorated her eyes and nose with swirls of colored paint brushed with glitter dust. On her, these high drama adornments looked right. Her name is Lila’Angelique and she is [...]