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Joining Up With Society6

  It was time to branch out and make more moolah. As a one man band artist creating art, selling it, shipping it, designing and maintaining a website, plus buying all the materials and services making up this enterprise, I found the idea of print on demand services very appealing. Let THEM do all the [...]

The Case of the Missing Calder Sculpture

Something was wrong as I approached the corner at Madison Avenue. The IBM building – their front entrance – didn’t look right. It appeared so lifeless, so…EMPTY.  Where the heck was Calder’s brilliant red sculpture? For decades Alexander Calder’s massive steel stabile has distinguished and beautified that large entrance space. The focal point of those four [...]

Stealing From an Artist

The second I saw the print I fell in love with it and decided to steal the sumptuous color palette.  I had never thought of or used this striking color combination before – a deep blue-green splashed with blacks and dark grays with brilliant dashes of red-orange and gold. Much darker than the colors I [...]

Before and After – A Photo Morphs into Abstract Art

The second I spotted the brilliant Caribbean colors in the store window across Fifth Avenue, my YES! antenna went off. I could do something with that! Printed on large shiny sheets, the vivid island colors were backdrops for mannequins wearing I haven’t the faintest clue what clothes, since I had eyes only for the gorgeous [...]