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Behold the New Photo-Savvy Brides

No, that bride at the top of the steps of the Metropolitan Museum isn’t a model. She’s a May bride working her veil like a pro. And why not? Who knows how may brides she’s checked out in every bride’s magazine for who knows how many years leading up to her VERY BIG day. She’s [...]

Tulip Leaves Steal Spotlight from Tulips

  Every Spring the esplanade along upper Park Avenue blooms with block after block of tulips and bustles with photographers taking a zillion photos. Often passing the area, I have a front row seat on the tulips growth from beginning buds to their last shrunken petals fluttering to the ground. My favorite stage these days [...]

New York’s Sparkling Christmas Show

  At the top, star lights glowing in the Sony atrium skylights. If you’re doing the Christmas run and checking out all the dazzling window displays in midtown, this is a good place to take a quick break. It’s on Madison and 56th Street. Middle, strawberries dipped in chocolate snapped through the Godiva front windows [...]

A Cool Invitation from Burberry

Standing across the street, I had already taken some exterior shots of the Burberry store on Madison Avenue showing pedestrians walking by a huge interior video screen filled with flashing models. When I  returned days later for some close-ups, the store front was surrounded by scaffolding for building repairs. Swell. It was tough to see [...]