Performer CentralPark

Scattered among the pink and white buttons glued around her eyes, the performer also pasted sequins, plastic hearts and lollipops. And on an earlier occasion, she decorated her eyes and nose with swirls of colored paint brushed with glitter dust. On her, these high drama adornments looked right. Her name is Lila’Angelique and she is half of the Tribal Baroque team that performed last year at the Angel Tunnel in Central Park.

Performers CentralPark

Their act is as unique as her imaginative make-up and costumes. It’s hard to categorize – an energetic mix of dance, song, high soprano notes, jingling bells, chants, twirling, incense and duetting violins that tell enigmatic stories.

As you can see my collage of her doesn’t contain a body, eliminated because of jewelry overload. On that particular day Lila was also wearing large dangling earring and a rhinestone necklace big as a  breastplate, items that I felt weakened the impact of her distinctive button face coupled with her dramatic tulle crown. I thank the wonderful Hubble Telescope for the star background and her silvery collar.

Without the duo, the Park Tunnel has been pretty much a tepid, colorless space this summer. According to their blog, after criss crossing continents the two will be back performing in New York In September. Good to hear.


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