Christmas window


This year, like many high end New York City stores, Barneys used their entire store front for a Christmas canvas.  They decorated it with 3 D holiday tableaus in gleaming gold, carrying the gold  over to this window and illuminating it with sculptured circles in an elegant, clean design.


Christmas window

Bergdorf Goodman

Christmas window


I’m afraid the phrase “clean design” doesn’t apply to Bergdorf Goodman’s major windows this year. My long time Christmas window favorite, Bergdorfs went bananas this season and lost their top dog crown in that department. In addition to mannequins decked out in not particularly distinguished get-ups, the store seemed to run some kind of contest to see which  of their windows could be crammed with as many THINGS as possible, many of them obscure objects unrelated to the windows themes, which apparently revolved around the arts. What all those cogs and pieces of machinery have to do with dance in this photograph, I haven’t the faintest. And THIS cluttered window was by far the least overloaded of all their Fifth Avenue windows.

For sheer exuberance you can always count on the Italians and that’s certainly true in this Fendi Christmas window. Eyes and arms skyward, our mannequin is about to take off for who knows what exciting destination, traveling with her own red glider (cropped out here). She wears shades – as all chic Italians do – a sleek black gown befitting any elegant occasion she might encounter in the clouds and an enormous, furry bonnet that only the most fashionable of signorinas could pull off.

Concurrently she’s one of the reasons New York’s Christmas windows are such a blast. So bundle up and come catch the city’s fabulous 2014 Christmas window show.


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