Bride and bridesmaids

No, that bride at the top of the steps of the Metropolitan Museum isn’t a model. She’s a May bride working her veil like a pro. And why not? Who knows how may brides she’s checked out in every bride’s magazine for who knows how many years leading up to her VERY BIG day. She’s studied it all: bridal photos, bridal photographers, bridal poses. And she’s ready for her closeups now Mr. DeMille. In spades.

Like other current brides I’ve seen being photographed around the city, she’s chosen black gowns for her attendants. One could say that’s a sophisticated choice. In it’s inky darkness, black is also a color that spotlights the  whiteness of the bride’s dress, making her the dramatic standout in her retinue. (As if anyone needed any reminding.)

Wedding in Central Park

The bride in the center of the middle photograph, who smiled widely throughout her wedding ceremony in Central Park, could have chosen traditional white or pink for her wedding balloons. But how hum drum. How insipid for her bridal photographs. Instead she chose cherry red, a color that enlivens her ceremony and one that will jazz up her wedding photo album for years to come.

Bride CentralPark

How smooth and at ease with the camera the bride appears in the bottom photo.  Quite a contrast to brides in earlier times posing at stiff attention in dusty old  bridal studios. It seems to me that over the years I’ve seen them in Central Park, brides have gotten way less shy and timid with their photographers. And I do mean photographers with an “s”. These days a bride’s every move is captured by two or three or four hired photographers. And let’s not forget her stylist to keep her perpetually camera-ready. Which is only fitting for today’s combo princess/model/actress/bride.


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