Gold autumn foliage

I have a few favorite trees in the park I photograph over and over. This group is especially lovely in autumn. I have no idea what kind of trees they are, but I find their graceful, interacting curves and  sumptuous gold coloring very compelling. Their full beauty, however, is tough to capture on camera.

Not that I haven’t tried for I don’t want to know how many years. If I had been shooting with costly film instead of digitally, I’d be down a lot of cabbage by now. Shown here, my newest effort is probably my most successful so far. The sun slices on the left brighten the scene nicely. But the image is still not optimum. it’s still not as strong as I think it could be. I still haven’t heard that excited WOW! in my head when the whole shot comes together and you KNOW you have something fab.

Big on closeups and tightly cropped scenes, I think the challenge may involve dealing with so many multi-group elements.

Red and yellow leaves

I’m more at home with the simplicity of these red and yellow closeup leaves. Beautifully arranged on the ground, the design appears to be staged. But no, I didn’t move a single leaf a fraction of an inch. Truly. This formation was a lovely autumn gift from Mother Nature.


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