geometric abstract

Board Game

Geometric   Abstract

Summer Song

I’ve always loved the bold clarity of geometric images, the clean lines and  rhythmic forms, But I never attempted to create any myself because I’m far too impatient to do all that measuring and repeating of shapes over and over. My own drawings and paintings are much looser, spontaneous affairs. Very quickly into them I know whether they’re good or bad — whether to dump or continue work on them. But with hand-made geometrics, a ton of work and effort are needed before you know if they’re going to work.

Recently however, I was experimenting with digital filters transforming photographs into abstract images, when one of the those filters took a photo, whirled it around inside the computer and WOWIE! –  I was suddenly staring at a gorgeous geometric design that would have knocked my socks off if I were wearing any. A revelation. Doing all the tedious measurement work, the computer had produced a striking, geometric image bursting with life and drama.

Geometric Abstract

Summer Magic


Geometric Abstract

Blue Ice

Geometric Abstract

Black Boot

Instantly hooked, I couldn’t wait to see what other magical geometric configurations the computer and I could cook up together. It’s always a kick to discover an exciting new path on a creative journey. And weeks later my computer and I have continued our collaboration and fun adventure in Geometric-Land.

For those who have inquired, until I post my ever growing collection of new geometric abstracts on my site, they are available as prints with the same configurations and terms as earlier images in my abstract gallery:


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