mannequin and skyscrapers

I  love this photograph. Everything about it screams New York or rather the New York in my head. Though it looks like a collage or a composite, it’s all one shot — the beauty of shooting a window with its’ reflected scene.

It’s of course a Bergdorf window — no store in New York can touch them for knockout fantasy and gorgeousness. A dazzling night scene, it’s New york at its most glamorous with twinkling lights and lots of skin and a shimmering dress and piano keys and sexy black gloves and crimson red lips from the alluring Fifties.

Lying across reflected skyscrapers, the mannequin sparkles in black (what else?) gleaming with gold threads. It’s the kind of idealized New York scene I imagined as a girl growing up in Connecticut — the place where I wanted to live when I grew up. And so it happened. And here I still am.

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