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Photographing Geometrics Above the Crowds

With so many dynamic building juxtapositions, striking shapes and compelling angles, midtown Manhattan is my Mecca for photographing architectural geometrics. Here are some reasons I like photographing these graphic slices of architecture above the streets: Purely geometric compositions don’t move.  There’s no need for focusing and refocusing every second when a building or a window [...]

Kiss Pops Up on Preppy East 79th Street

  Seventy-ninth Street on the preppy upper East side is not a typical type hangout for the likes of the Kiss guys and their wow theatrical make-up. But there they were in a giant poster at the Madison Avenue bus stop. I have no idea what their music sounds like and I’m not a fan [...]

Break the Rules – Ramp Up the Noise

Noise is a no-no in photography rule books. Noise (or grain) shows up when taking hand-held photographs in extreme low light. And often the cheaper the camera the harsher the noise. I agree that too much grain can look like over the top dotted mushiness. But noise can sometimes be an asset. Take this photo [...]