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A Jazzy Night in New York City

I  love this photograph. Everything about it screams New York or rather the New York in my head. Though it looks like a collage or a composite, it’s all one shot — the beauty of shooting a window with its’ reflected scene. It’s of course a Bergdorf window — no store in New York can [...]

A Cool Invitation from Burberry

Standing across the street, I had already taken some exterior shots of the Burberry store on Madison Avenue showing pedestrians walking by a huge interior video screen filled with flashing models. When I  returned days later for some close-ups, the store front was surrounded by scaffolding for building repairs. Swell. It was tough to see [...]

The Bubble Master

Of all the big bubble blowers in Central Park, the one above is my favorite. His bubbles are the best. The biggest, the most creative, the most fun. He has no schedule to exhibit his talents, no set days or places or times. You never know when  or exactly where he’ll appear. But late afternoon [...]