For my art training, I attended Parsons School of Design, studied painting and sculpture at Art Students League and computer art at School of Visual Arts.

After working as a graphic designer at Harper’s Bazaar, then as an art director in advertising and publishing, and moving to my first NY apartment in Greenwich Village, I went freelance. Assignments  included illustration, design and photography for major clients including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar. New York Magazine, Glamour, Salve (Italy), Freizit (Germany), Bergdorf Goodman, Lord & Taylor, Yves St. Laurent, Anne Klein, Jean Nate, Faberge, Alexandre deMarkoff, Revlon, Rizzolli, Bantam Books, and Rodale Press, etc. All along I was also painting, taking photographs and creating collages — first by hand, cutting up photographs and art with scissors and glue, then later with computers.

My digital photographic collages have been exhibited worldwide in New York, California, Oregon, Texas, Japan, Austria and an international traveling exhibit, ACM/SIGGRAPH Art Show.

Internationally published, my images have been featured in books: Cyber Design: Photography By Rockport, World Graphic Design Now By Kodansha, Society Of Illustrators Annual Of American Illustration And Japan Creators Association Annual Of Contemporary International Illustration.  I’ve also written magazine articles to accompany portfolios of my art and photography published In Computer Graphics World, Popular Photography And Camera 35.

Computers have greatly expanded creative possibilities for my work, allowing me to enhance, alter and transform photographs into images transcending their initial intent. With these new digital tools I’ve been able to experiment with unlimited juxtapositions, dynamic light values and the element of transparency to produce unique, highly personal photographic collages and images.

My newest work revolves around color experimentation and geometric abstracts.


–Lisa Gray, in an Interview of my photographic art work published on Palette Pages, said: 

“Beautiful work that combines traditional photography with art, mixing her passion and the beauty of everyday situations with a sense of the surreal.  Abstractions, evocative photographs, and the serenity of flowers are all part of Pat’s wonderful portfolio of art, work that is imaginative and captures the essence of mood. We are very happy to share Pat’s art and we are very excited to follow her next steps on what will be without doubt a very exciting artistic journey.”



“Wow! I love it! Thank you.  And the collar you made is gorgeous!… It’s one of the most unique, creative photos I’ve ever seen of me!”


Martin Partlan:

“Gorgeous photography and digital art prints. Check out this gorgeous Chrysler Chapeaux print, soon to be ours.” (this was the very first photo art print I sold from my site last year.)


(On my Geometric Abstracts

Paul Steve

“An Awesome Work Of Art”


Alessandro Piras

“I love the elegance in this work of art! I find that your works are amazing !! a vortex of elegance…”


– Yasmine Separovic

“I see a lot of passion here…beautifully transmitted…!!!”


Barbara Weaver



–James Reaves



–Cathryn Wellner

“Oh, wow – Pat, you are so visionary”


(On my Doomed Tulips and other florals :)

Joe Chapman. 

“Your work is really creative and original…I haven’t seen such beautiful tulip photos since Irving Penn took his photos of tulips.”(Joe and I worked together at Harpers Bazaar, our first jobs, and I remember the fabulous Penn tulips he’s talking about, so his praise is of the highest order):


–Dale Bernard

“I appreciate you and the beauty you post. These are exceptionally beautiful.”


Laurie Coplin

“Absolutely stunning”…”You have managed to give this thistle the beauty of a rose.”


–Hana Omar 



–Bibi. Janine 

“Superb… “


Barbara Kausteklis 

“Gorgeous and spectacular!”


Yvette W. 

“This flower is beautiful… What lightness, what a beauty.”


(On my “Bodacious Bubble” series):

–Oscar Parra 

“Marvelous work!”


-–@RagsMachine :

“What a wonderful photograph!”


–Paul Gillard:

“I think this picture’s great!” 


–Susan Partlan:

“Beautiful work. You’ve captured and enhanced every detail of his giant bubble. He does look like a zen master in his zone.”


(On my Shots Around NYC)

–Nakta Roodgari 

“Amazingly captured ! Light and reflections .. well done !”



“C’est Magnifique…”


–Oscar Parra

“fantastically well composed!”
“Sehr, sehr gerne Pat!! …wirklich, du machst es immer wieder meisterhaft!! “–Andi Droid

“Very, very much like Pat !!… really, you do it again and again masterfully!!”


Contemporary Art and Design (my favorite visual community on Google+) chose these images for their Showcase Gallery:

  • Crow Creek
  • Ice Garden
  • Heartbeat
  • Blue Danube